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Mombasa Club - Crests From Visiting Naval Ships

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Mombasa Club - Gardens

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Mombasa Club All Wooden Stair Case To The Upstairs Lounge and Top Rooms

Club History


The history of the Mombasa Club goes back to year 1896 with the first laying of the Uganda Railway track which, was being built to link the Indian Ocean to the source of the Nile – at the Lake Victoria in the quest to control the Suez Canal in the North of Africa .

The year 1896 Mr. Rex Boustead and three other friends established the Mombasa Club which drew its membership mainly from the British civil servants, railways employees who were working for the British East Africa Protectorate.The members joined the Club for social gatherings after work.

By 1897 membership had grown to 60and was open to Men only. Today the membership stands at 2500 and the Club is open to all races and to both men and women.

Club members fall in the following classes:

  • Full Members
  • Nominated Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Honorary Life Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Temporary Members
  • Reciprocating Members
  • Nominated Junior Members

Non-Members are not allowed in the club unless introduced and signed in by a member. The introducing member is responsible for the good conduct and behavior of the guest.

No Mombasa resident may be introduced as a guest more than once in any calendar month nor more than three times in any calendar year.

Children between the ages of 10 and 18 years may be allowed to use the Dining Room and Upstairs Lounge provided they are accompanied by at least one parent.

Full Members and Nominated Members are divided into the following sub-classes:

Town Members: Those who ordinarily reside and/or work in Mombasa;

Country Members: Those who ordinarily reside and/or work
in East Africa but not in Mombasa; and

Absent Members: Are those who ordinarily reside and/or work
outside East Africa.


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