Mombasa Club - Rear View

Rear View From The Indian Ocean

Fort Jesus & Mombasa Club

World Renowned Fort Jesus Built in The 15th Century Adjacent To Mombasa Club

Mombasa Club - Main Entrance To Club House

Mombasa Club Entrance & Car Park Area

Welcome to The Mombasa Club

The Mombasa Club Limited is a Private Members’ Club and is one of the most prestigious and exclusive (but very friendly) Clubs in Kenya. It is situated in the coastal town of Mombasa, which is the second largest City in Kenya and the largest port on the East African Coast.

The Club is situated in the middle of the Old Town, well known for its ancient buildings and narrow streets. It is adjacent to an imposing old fortress, the majestic Fort Jesus, a monumental piece of architecture built by the Portuguese at the end of the 15th Century (1593) to secure their position on the coast of East Africa.

Being situated on the edge of the Ocean the Club enjoys cool breeze's from the Indian Ocean in most days and evenings of the year.